Spa Etiquette

It is the aim of our team to offer you a pleasurable holiday in the circle of your family and friends or a relaxing break during your business trip. 
In order to have a pleasant stay and rest well, we ask you to read through the SPA ETIQUETTE below.

-    Arrive for the treatment 5 -10 minutes early so that you would be able to tune up for the experience ahead.
-    Before you're going to enjoy Spa treatments we recommend to take a shower, visit our waterpark or saunacenter - this way the treatments will be more effecetive to your body and skin
-    Please dress in the bathrobe and slippers already in your hotel room for Spa treatments. 
-    Should you still be late for treatment, your service period is not prolonged as a courtesy to our other guests. In this case you will not be refunded fully or partly for the undelivered service. 
- Please be aware that the treatment will be cancelled if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the start of your appointment.
-    During the treatment we do our best efforts to take care of your comfort and privacy. Spa reception clerks are prepared to respond to any question relating to the clothing recommended during the treatment.
-    If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask you kindly to contact Spa reception clerk, dialling number +372 326 0015; terms for cancellation are also available for examination at the hotel reception.
-    We recommend that you leave your jewellery and valuables in the safe in your hotel room while coming to treatment or hold them in the place indicated by the Spa staff in your treatment room.
-    Be aware that visiting spa, water park and saunas immediately after you have coloured or permed your hair is not recommended.
-    Please respect other guests' wish to rest and relax in the spa centre and switch off your mobile phone.
-    Spa staff will notify you before the treatment of the products he/she is going to use and of the effect of the specific treatment. 
-    Please notify spa staff before the start of the procedure in case you have any health problems (e.g. chronic diseases, allergies) or health status (e.g. pregnancy) that we should be aware of. 
-    We confirm that you receive only professional spa services and spa treatments.
-    Be aware that you should keep your voice down in the spa.
-    Do not disturb other visitors while being in the public spa areas. 
-    While visiting the spa with your children, be aware that spa etiquette applies to children as well 
-    Do not arrive for the treatment while intoxicated! The staff has the right to refuse to serve intoxicated clients without providing any refunds for services that have been booked and paid for. 
-    Take your time and relax after the treatment but do not forget that the same room has to be prepared for the next client, thus you have to vacate the room within a reasonable period of time. 
-    Proceeding from your experience and satisfaction you may leave a tip in an envelope carrying the name of the staff with the spa reception
-    We are looking for you honest feedback regarding your spa experience, communicated to the spa staff, clerk or spa manager

Welcome to the discovery tour to the seas of the world and far-away countries through sensual pleasures in Emeraude Spa and Alessandro Spa!

We look forward to meeting you!