Waterpark and Sauna Center

In AQVA we always want our guests to have the best possible spa experience. In June we are renovating our sauna centre. 

From the 27th of May our sanarium and infrared sauna will be closed for renovation. We expect to finish these two saunas by June 14th. Then we will be closing the 85-degree sauna. That should be ready to welcome you again by July 1st.

All the dates may vary. We will keep you posted on our website.

WATER PARK offers activities both for kids and grown-ups.

IN THE SAUNA CENTRE you can enjoy our 8 different saunas.

Opening hours of the water park:
MON - FRI 9:00-22:00
SAT, SUN 8:00-22:00

Morning swim Mon-Fri 6:00-10:00

Opening hours of the sauna centre:
MON - FRI 10:00-22:00
SAT, SUN 8:00-22:00


Phone: + 372 326 0010