Restaurant Fiore


Tuna and fennel
Marinated and roasted fennel, herb mayonnaise
12 €
Rabbit and apple
Glazed apple, Jerusalem artichoke and apple creme, port wine sauce
16 €
Passion fruit and chocolate
Passion fruit mousse, chocolate soil, berries
6 €
Beetroot and goat cheese
Roasted beetroot, pickled beetroot, beetroot pesto, goat cheese cream, pine nuts
10 €
Mussels and garlic
Mussels, wine and cream sauce with garlic, garlic bread, red caviar
12 €
Beef and adjika
Steak tartare, adjika, anchovies, quail egg yolk, olive white bread
12 €
Red caviar and blinis
Red caviar, blinis, chopped onion, sour cream
12 €
Antipasti and pestos
Serrano ham, chorizo sausage, pickled vegetables, olives, two pestos
12 €
Salmon and quinoa
Marinated salmon, fresh salad, cured tomatoes, quail eggs, quinoa, rucola mayonnaise
12 €
Duck and foie gras
Roasted duck, fresh salad, orange fillet, apple, foie gras, redcurrant sauce
12 €
Prawn and ravioli
Prawn broth, prawn ravioli
8 €
Pumpkin and coconut
Pumpkin cream soup, chanterelle pie
8 €
Roots and cabbages
Parsley root puree, baby carrots, roasted kohlrabi, kale chips
12 €
Chicken and pasta
Chicken fillet, pappardelle, cream cheese, cured tomatoes, cheese chips
13 €
Pike-perch and parsley root
Parsley root puree, fried almond potato, cured tomatoes, brown butter sauce
18 €
Salmon and pea
Pearl couscous, snap peas, red caviar, cider and cream sauce
17 €
Duck and Jerusalem artichoke
Duck fillet, Jerusalem artichoke and apple puree, glazed onion, fried quinoa, wine sauce
17 €
Lamb and cabbage
Lamb chops, roasted kohlrabi, steamed kale, asparagus, wine sauce 
21 €
Beef and salsify
Beef tenderloin, potato and salsify puree, roosted salsify, shiitake mushrooms, wine sauce
24 €
Crème brûlée and lemongrass
Cold raspberries
6 €
Chocolate cake and cherry
Cherry sauce, vanilla ice cream
7 €
Cheese and jam
Selection of cheese, nuts, spicy jam
11 €


Ice cream and berries
Selection of hand-made ice cream
6 €
Panna cotta and mango
Yogurt, coconut
6 €
Cheesecake and meringue 
Strawberry salad
7 €

Please note that some of our dishes contain allergens or additives,
please ask and we'll be happy to provide more information.