RASULBAD FOR ONE - 45 min 30 €
RASULBAD FOR TWO - 45 min 45 €

A unique oriental steam sauna ritual is based on the millennia-long oriental wisdom regarding health, skin care and beauty. Emeraude Spa Rasul ritual employs original Rasul clay mud that you can yourself apply onto the various body parts. Five mineral-rich Terra Sigilata clay muds closely resemble clay muds that were used in ancient Greece for health and beauty rituals. There were times when they were valued as much as gold. The strength of the mechanical stimulation of the clay mud used in Rasul ceremony is linked to the size of the components of clay mud. Stimulation improves skin's blood supply and that in turn enhances removal of residual substances and purification of skin. Light massage contribute to strengthening and toning of tissues. The ingredients help to remove dead skin cells from skin surface – due to the cosmetic exfoliating effect skin becomes soft and smooth.

Treatment is completed by warm tropical rain. After that you can moisten your body with the luxurious body lotion.


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